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Benefits of Smart City Lighting

Lighting enables us to see and do our tasks easily. For our eyes to see, it is light that surrounds us, that hits our retina and enables us to record in our minds what we have seen. Light is hence very necessary in enabling us to do our day-to-day work.

It is from a very tender age, that parents want to know if their infants can see. If you have stayed with a person who is losing their sight, the only way you can get to know if they can still see is if pass something in front of their eyes in the presence of light and ask them if they can see anything. Light is hence very necessary for human beings to visualize anything.

4 Benefits of Smart City Lighting

Various benefits emanate from smart city lighting. This article will highlight four benefits of smart city lighting.

Increased public safety

As earlier mentioned, it is the presence of light that helps us see things. Whether we are reading, working in industries, typing something on a laptop, smartphone or tablet, light is essential. Smart city lighting helps people walk, ride and drive in the city with no fear.

In the scenario of a city whose streets have no lights, residents of the city will have great fear walking, riding, and driving in their city especially at night. A city with no street lights will be targeted by burglars who will want to steal from the people walking on the streets of the city. These burglars will do bad things like hijack cars on the roads, they could go to the extent of doing enormous attacks such as rape, kidnappings, and theft.

However, the presence of lights will scare away these burglars, and they will hardly be any crimes reported in a city with smart city lighting. This lighting gives pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists confidence while on the road come day or night. The people who are also in charge of maintaining security in the city will do a better job when the city has lighting.

Through smart city lighting, security officers can easily monitor what goes on in the city. In case when something bad such as a burglary happens, they can easily trace the people who did the act and this will help the city dwellers gain trust in the city security officers.

There is safer traffic with increased visibility of hazards

As earlier mentioned, motorists can safely drive through the roads with the presence of smart city lighting. More so they will easily see the hazards on the road. In instances where a city does not have lights especially at night when it is dark, motorists might make wrong turns or they can easily run into other cars.

Smart city lighting will help cyclists and motorists see the lanes they should drive on, see the bumps in front of them, and even keep a safe distance between themselves and the cyclist or motorist in front of them.

Smart parking

Another benefit of smart city lighting is that it enhances smart parking in a city. There should always be some order maintained hence cars should be parked according to the spaces provided. A motorist can only park his or her vehicle in the right place when there is a light that will enable him or her to spot a parking space.

Better control of traffic lights

Traffic lights are automated and hence motorists or pedestrians know when to move or stop from the indications of the traffic lights. Without smart city lighting, motorists would have a rough time controlling themselves on the road. There would also be many cases of road accidents reported because of the absence of traffic lights.


Smart city lighting does great work in giving city dwellers comfort and peace. The presence of smart city lighting reduces the huge energy and maintenance cost that comes with handling issues affecting a city. Cities that have lighting problems should look into getting smart city lighting to help them get better lightning.