Tech Wendy Ewing  

The Right Ways To Maintaining Your Security Cameras

The surveillance system in your house is perhaps the most valuable thing in your house. Not only does it keep a tab on the activities in and around your house, but highly functional surveillance systems can also send you an alert by activating an alarm of a potential breach. Thus, security cameras have become a necessity due to the increased rate of cybercrime and criminal activities all around. It is therefore imperative to keep your surveillance system updated and maintained regularly to avoid unwanted breaches and security concerns.

  • Cleaning the lenses

The lenses are the most important part of any camera. So cleaning these lenses or having them replaced if damaged due to some reason is the foremost thing to do to maintain your security camera system. One must also check for water spots or mud spots on the lenses and clean them as even if your camera can produce high resolution images, unclear lenses will prevent the camera from getting a clear picture. So even if there’s been a robbery, you won’t be able to identify the faces in the images.

  • Checking the connectors

Sometimes the connectors of the security cameras get corroded. It is quite important to replace these corroded connectors as they can cause the video surveillance system to short circuit. The surveillance system, thus, needs regular servicing to avoid such minor issues.

  • Removing dust from the DVD/NVR

Irregular servicing of the security cameras can lead to the formation of a layer of dust on the DVD or NVR. This may then affect the performance of the system. It is therefore important to wipe this dust off the DVD regularly with soft cloth-like microfiber. Further, dust that has gotten inside the device can be cleaned using compressed air in a can to blow it out gently.

  • Clearing the landscape

You require a clear landscape to have a 360-degree view of your neighborhood as well as your house. So you need to place your security cameras in such a position that it gives you an unblocked view of your property. You cannot have a tree branch or bushes blocking your view as it destroys the purpose altogether. Therefore, the adjustment of the camera and having a clear landscape around is imperative.


Security cameras often come with user manuals; one should read and research well about these aspects to experience undisturbed surveillance.