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Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites 2021

Social bookmarking sites are considered best for boosting the seo performance of your website as social media is the crucial part of digital marketing. You should know almost every person spends at least 2 hours surfing over the internet to know more about the things happening around them.

Social media is a must for every business for promoting and advertising its products and services. It is the fast way to reach out to a potential audience and improve organic traffic to your website. Let us discuss the top free Dofollow Social bookmarking siteswhere we have listed our business to get natural links and drive more traffic to our site.

  1. Reddit 

Reddit is one of the American social media platforms that provide users with the latest breaking news. You should know that this platform is actively used for quality backlinks.

  1. Pinterest 

Pinterest is famous for sharing videos, GIFs, and images, where all you have to do is create an account and choose the relevant topics, and it provides content related to it.

  1. It 

If you are looking for a content curation service, then is the right place for you. It allows you to create content and curate the topics, you can use 50 scoops, and after that, you have to use the paid version. You can list your business on profile creation sites list to get more business leads and organic traffic to your website.

  1. Folkd 

Folkd is an intuitive social bookmarking website that assists individuals to keep constant track of bookmarks. It enables you to share stories and URLs through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a famous social networking website, which is specially made of bloggers. It is best to share photos, texts, quotes, links, or make video or audio calls.

  1. Pocket 

Pocket is the best save-for-later service where over 32 million users have registered themselves. It enables users to save the URL of a particular page that they want to read later.

  1. Delicious 

Delicious is one of the social bookmarking sites, which is used for sharing, finding and putting away web bookmarks. And if you are looking to develop more traction to your site, it is the best bookmarking site.

  1. Dribbble 

Another great bookmarking site, Dribbble is specially made for architects. Dribbble is a network where clients can share their work of art. And if you are an architect, it is the perfect place for getting more traffic.

  1. Medium 

Medium is an incredible content-based platform where authors over the globe share their insight about a particular niche, and users are allowed to share their opinions in words. There are over 25 millions users leveraging the benefits of this platform by expressing their thoughts.

  1. Digg

Digg is another great platform for knowing what is in trend right now? As this platform deals in news and science-related stuff, which provide information through videos, images, links, etc. and if you want to increase knowledge about what is going around, then Digg is the best platform.

These are the top social bookmarking sites of 2021 where we have listed our business and driven more engaging traffic to our website. Use the free blog commenting sites list to create the natural link.