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How to Verify the Validity of an Email

Approach 1: Email the Address

Writing a message to an email address is probably the easiest approach to find out if it’s legitimate. For novice marketers with a modest marketing list, this approach is effective. If you simply add a few new addresses to your list each month, this is also a wise decision. Have a look at reverse search email address

Approach 2: Recovering Passwords

Have you ever attempted to retrieve a past email address only to receive a notification from your provider stating that the address was not found? During the account recovery procedure, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, the three largest email providers, utilise a basic email address checker. It can tell you whether the address was accurately entered into your forms and assist users in recovering their passwords.

Approach 3: Look up an IP address

Another method for determining whether an email is legitimate is to run an IP address lookup, which is less complicated and easy than it would seem. Finding an IP address’s geolocation is the goal of an IP address lookup. The IP address of the server that sent you each email message is included with it. This IP address is typically hidden in the message’s source code, making it invisible to the user. The IP address may be found by looking under “received from” when you see the message’s source.

To check up an IP address online, all you have to do is copy it and put it into a lookup tool like What Is My IP Address. After a short while, the IP address’s location, ISP, and affiliated company will be shown. Be wary if the IP address appears to be spoofing and is situated in a nation you wouldn’t anticipate.

Approach 4: Use Google to Look Up the Address

While this approach can verify if an email address is legitimate, it cannot reveal whether it is fraudulent. It functions because the majority of people are online; some are engaged on social media, while others run their websites. Big search engines like Google and Bing index everything they discover on the internet as they continuously traverse it. Because of this, the majority of legitimate addresses can be located with a straightforward search engine query, while fraudulent addresses cannot.

Approach 5: Email Verifier

Since fake emails are an issue these days, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that there are several email checkers, or email verifiers, available that allow you to quickly confirm email addresses. The amount of addresses you can verify with free checkers is usually limited to one per month; if you need to check more addresses, you’ll need to pay to a service.

There are several services available to pick from when determining whether an email is authentic, and you won’t have to pay anything while you assess which one best meets your requirements. Despite the differences between each tool, they are all simple to use, and some don’t even need you to register.