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Email deliverability: top 3 tips for effectively fighting the spam zone

    The email is delivered exactly to the right address. But the email is left out of the buyer or potential customer’s activity. Tips on how to get out of the spam zone are numerous. For example, there are detailed instructions for dealing with deliverability and converting messages to active user activity. This email deliverability tutorial from Reply has lots of examples and practical tips.

    We’re going to try to look at a slightly different side of the question of converting potential user-buyers into active leads. Here you’ll need not only wit and creativity, but also the confidence to win.

    The first word is the most valuable

    The first letters from the company should contain a minimum of information, they should be concise in design, but proactive in effectiveness. It is difficult to combine all this in one word. But the meaning is approximately the following: you should show your interest and at the same time demonstrate the benefit of the cooperation. This benefit must be obvious – in money, emotion, communication, participation. If this interaction is not created, then there will be no result. That is, in addition to persistence, it is necessary to show certain marketing skills. And apply them to a specific segment – a private person, the head of the company or the head of the department that makes decisions on acquisitions.

    Show your goodwill and persistence: not all at once

    Another plus to trustful communication and long-lasting relationship building. This is above all a speech about the fact that, according to studies, active communication with potential customers is a real involvement in future sales or cooperation. At least once every three months, you should maintain contact even with those who are not yet very active. Research data suggests that such efforts will have a positive impact:

    • after three months of constant communication, more than 50% of users are ready to make a purchase;
    • more than 20% of potential buyers may make a first purchase and maintain further loyalty, after 12 months of communication.

    However, not every method of communication has such an effect. First, it is important for the potential buyer to participate in his emotional world or economic well-being. Discounts and promotions on quality and relevant merchandise are the message that will count. And a detailed list of a year’s worth of transactions is dubious for improving communication, information. On the contrary, it may encourage the customer to think about whether it’s worth it to keep paying so much money, even if it’s a reasonable cost.