Tech Luther Williamson  

Data Storage And Types Of Server In Different Countries

Internet is the most important aspect of our life today. It has changed everything completely. I mean we are so dependent on the internet on everything, from money transfer to shopping to food to entertainment everything is online, everything is related to the web. People are starting to realize that switching the medium from real to the virtual world is a smart and convenient move. Although the internet was found quite a few years earlier, its rise has been recent till last decade. Now it’s like a necessity more than a luxury.

So let’s see what rules the Internet, the internet is nothing but data stored in it. This data are information, lots of lots of information that our computer store. Our computer has been storing personalized information and data since its invention but the internet has helped the data to be shared. Nowadays data are present in such a large number. It needs extra data storage in the data centers, which are present in different locations of the world like a google data center in Carolina, Georgia, there data center for each country like Thailand data center, India data center, etc. Let’s deep further about the information on the internet, any content either it’s a blog, vlog a movie a song, or anything that needs to be accessible to the public through a website 24 /7, and for that to happen the content creators need a server which can be available 24/7 because the laptop or computer in your home can’t sustain for that long continuously. So a creator needs a server or space in a server. 

The server can be dedicated or shared, like supposing you’re a creator in a certain country, let’s say Thailand so you will need a data server near you ie, Thailand data server which will provide you apace either as Thailand dedicated server or Thailand shared server friendly solely upon the amount of data you want to upload or the amount of money is worth spending. The dedicated server will provide you with space of a full server alone and it is a lot of space may be to certain terabytes, it will block traffic well will increase the speed, usually, big companies use this type of storage data, for example, Amazon or Flipkart will use most data of India’s data storage, Thailand banks will be using Thailand data storage with Thailand dedicated service. The data storage seeks to give complete security and protection.